Our mission

Our mission is to help software developers & businesses establish Software Security Assurance Program. At inspektre, we aim to help provide developer-friendly tools to help scale security assurance as a practice & rigor.

Attack Patterns

We provide relevant information to software developers instead of screaming vulnerabilities. We aim to provide software developers with information on steps a malicious actor may employ in sequence so that attack cannot be realized.

Attack Surface

We help organizations identify their attack surface in near real-time so that effort is well spent.

Incredible statistics

With continuous analysis & integrations, we establish metrics that help prioritize decisions to continuously improve application security.


Over time Software, Products, Teams & Organizations evolve, and so must security maturity. Instead of counting vulnerabilities, we provide means to measure security maturity.

Meet the team

Uday Korlimarla

Uday Korlimarla

Founder / CTO

Uday has Application Security architect & Consulting experience and is the principal engineer behind inspektre

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David Linton

David Linton

Co-Founder / CEO

David brings forward his vast IT Consulting experience from across the globe to help drive our mission.

Jerome Walter

Jerome Walter


Jerome plays a crucial role on all ideations and helps inspektre with the lens of a CISO, Developer & Customer.